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Trust is Vital
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ABOUT US: How We Work
Working Dynamics emphasizes three elements as keys to successful work environments and relationships — trust, respect, and communication. This philosophy comes from experience in counseling, management, and conflict resolution. Susan Gunn, Working Dynamics president, has more than 20 years of experience as a mediator of employment disputes, has been a Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator since 1993, and has concentrated in workplace conflict mediation. Her focus has included two-party work relationships, team conflict, and EEO cases. Following years of hearing both employee and management's view of what it takes for their workplace to "work," Susan decided to pare these perspectives down into manageable terms. She now assists organizations in achieving their goals through these "working dynamics."

Working Dynamics identifies the reasons that workplace relationships have moved off track (or could in the future). Working Dynamics then implements programs to build collaboration and establish a system of trust and communication to avoid derailed relationships in the future.

Working Dynamics supports individuals in changing behaviors and organizations in making lasting change. We understand that all client situations and solutions are unique. Our approach is unique as well. We use an approach that helps leaders and employees make changes to behaviors that work, can be put into place immediately, and can result in lasting change.

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Working Dynamics
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