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Working Dynamics is a Richmond, VA, coaching and consulting firm building collaboration and success in the workplace through development programs and conflict management. Our mission is to help organizations and their leaders reach new heights using conflict in its most constructive forms.

We know you want to know more about us before we work together. We look forward to getting to know you and learning how we might work together toward your goals. When the time is right for us to talk about improving dynamics in your workplace, contact us.

A brief introduction with links to more information:

  • Working Dynamics believes trust, respect, and communication are simply the most powerful and critical elements of any organization’s success. We’ll identify the reasons workplace relationships have moved off track (or could in the future) and what to do about it. [Read more.]
  • Working Dynamics’ clients don’t fit a certain mold, but they all recognize their greatest resources are the people they employ and their brightest future depends on their human resources. [Read more.]
  • Working Dynamics consultants are experienced in building trust and improving communication in work relationships at all levels in the organization. [Read more.]
  • Working Dynamics is certified as a woman-owned firm that considers leadership in business, profession, and community important. [Read more.]

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Client comment:

"Our leaders often need support for their team in building healthier relationships and managing conflict, but also support for themselves in holding their team accountable and changing behavior. We bring in Susan Gunn to work with our leaders because we know that she will provide that coaching and support. She understands how to work with individuals and groups in coaching them to change their behaviors."

Stephanie Davidson, Ph.D.
Director of Talent Strategy and Development
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.

Working Dynamics
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