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Workplace Conflict — situations where team members have opposing goals, interests, principles, or feelings — is inevitable. Leaders and teams need to be able to engage constructively in conflict. Working Dynamics assesses the climate of a team through various methods — interviews, focus groups, and/or survey — with the objective of obtaining anonymous feedback that can build a better workplace. When workplace conflict is interfering with collaboration, performance, and morale, we use the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) with leaders and teams to identify conflict triggers, constructive responses, and destructive reactions to conflict.

The CDP assessment tool is backed by solid evidence of reliability and validity, and provides leaders and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict. The CDP (available in both self-assessment and 360 versions) was developed by the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College, a network associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

The CDP focuses on specific behavioral responses to conflict to improve outcomes. The ultimate goal is to reduce conflict's harmful impact (absenteeism, turnover, legal risks, poor public perception) and maximize possible beneficial aspects (engagement, better business decisions, reduced tension and stress, creative innovation). Conflict dynamics assessment and development programs can be helpful to

  • give individuals and teams critical insight in order to change behaviors and increase effectiveness
  • enhance career development potential
  • equip teams to identify problem areas in order to build a cohesive and supportive environment
  • increase the potential for organization-wise effectiveness

Susan Gunn, Working Dynamics owner and lead coach/consultant, is a CDP master trainer for the Center for Conflict Dynamics. Contact Susan Gunn at 804-353-8479 or to discuss how you can use the CDP in your organization.


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Client comments:

“As a result of Working Dynamics’ survey results and training, our team leaders are supervising better, production is up and attitudes are good.”

“I was optimistic about the focus groups, but they seem to have been even better than I anticipated and I’m really looking forward to the future sessions we have planned.”

“Very professional from start to finish — you were responsive, thoughtful, got an impressive response rate, and delivered the report in a way I needed it.”

“Working Dynamics provided a solid foundation for establishing our employee development plan. Susan is dynamic and very trustworthy; this made a difference with our employees.”

"Conflict at work is inevitable....Assuming that individuals can naturally tackle deep organizational dilemmas without tools and organizational support is naive."

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