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Coaching is a developmental experience for professionals in leadership positions. Leaders choose coaching to increase their skills for a current task, increase their leadership performance in their current role, or develop capacities and behaviors for a new role or future career. Coaching allows individuals to identify characteristics and behaviors that would result in higher performance and minimize the potential for derailment of professional and personal goals. A coach is your partner in that process.

Workplace conflict can be disruptive and can also derail a leader's career. Studies show that managers typically devote more than a third of their time dealing with conflict and its consequences. Other studies confirm that unmanaged conflict accounts for some 65% of work performance problems. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, managers report conflict is "regular and constant" for leaders and the No. 1 developmental need.

We believe the best route to organizational effectiveness, collaborative and productive teams, and engaged employees is through the development of its leaders. When leaders bring greater clarity, confidence, and competence to their role, the organizational goals follow, and leaders often find everything around them changes, enriching both their professional and personal lives.

Coaching is a collaborative process for growth and change and is successful when the client:

  • desires a personal approach to development
  • welcomes the structure provided by a one-on-one experiences (e.g., planning and goal setting, support while learning, and accountability)
  • looks forward to putting new behaviors to use for personal growth and organizational success

Coaching engagements are flexible to reach the desired results. The client and coach may meet primarily in person, mostly by phone, at times through email, or a combination. Most coaching commitments begin with a three-month timeframe and extend if the client, coach, and organization agree. While coaching goals and how to reach them are unique in each agreement, typically coaching includes:

  • customized assessment including self-assessment, coach observation and feedback, and/or 360-degree feedback
  • goal setting and action plan development
  • feedback and coaching
  • ongoing progress review and evaluation

Our coaches are experienced leadership and team coaches and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's largest organization of professional coaches. Susan Gunn, lead coach for Working Dynamics, is certified by Fielding Graduate University as an Evidence Based Coach (CEBC) and credentialed by ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

To explore coaching, contact Susan Gunn at 804-353-9527 or email


Client comments:

"I think I will not only be a better manager, but a better person, and better able to make important decisions in my career."

Executive Director
of a nonprofit organization

"Your coaching was an unqualified success!"

General Manager
of a Fortune 500 company

"Working with Susan is a life changing experience! She gave me the tools and resources to spread my wings and exceed my own expectations of real life. Every day I remember the conversations we shared during my coach sessions and feel she rides my shoulder with every conversation I have. Could not have asked for a better coach.”

Nurse Team Leader
Hospital Emergency Department


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