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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Some types of conflict can inspire creative problem solving and other types can cause needless delays and incur unnecessary costs in money, productivity, and career success. When the personal dimensions of conflict upset the working dynamics of a team, both the organization and the individuals involved pay a price.

Working Dynamics helps teams and leaders achieve success by reducing the time and money spent in unproductive conflict. Success and conflict management go hand in hand. To reach business and career success, leaders and team members alike need to be able to

  • handle difficult and tense situations
  • approach differences constructively
  • communicate interests effectively
  • orchestrate solutions to problems, and
  • spot potential conflict

Clients request our help at two different points — when they need immediate help with a team experiencing difficulty and when they want to look at practices, behaviors, and skills within their organization so they can position themselves better for the future.

When a team is currently experiencing difficulty (e.g., the team isn't performing as it should due to conflict, team relationships are strained, and/or team communication has shut down or become disrespectful), Working Dynamics will

  • Identify the issues
  • Recommend options for next steps
  • Use appropriate strategies to resolve existing conflict and create a climate where momentum can be regained

When leadership wants to change how conflict is managed within the organization (e.g., conflict's useful functions develop and its more "toxic" forms are minimized or avoided entirely), Working Dynamics will

  • Identify existing strengths along with ways to improve communication, work relationships, and current methods of responding to conflict
  • Report results and recommend procedure to put into place in order to manage future conflict constructively
  • Coach team members as they create a blueprint for the behaviors and climate they want, then work to make their goals a reality.

When teams have mastered the art of working together, you can expect dramatically higher levels of productivity, performance, and job satisfaction.

Our coaches are experienced leadership and team coaches and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's largest organization of professional coaches. Susan Gunn, lead coach for Working Dynamics, is certified by Fielding Graduate University as an Evidence Based Coach (CEBC) and credentialed by ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

To explore team coaching, contact Susan Gunn at 804-353-9527 or email


“I now feel empowered to analyze and confront conflict.”

Hospital floor nurse

“Several days have passed since your training and I am still ruminating on the material you presented. What a treat it is to be challenged in this way! Further, I was inspired by your artful presentation — just the right balance to provide enough understanding and to peak curiosity at the same time. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.”

Program Director
Federal Government Agency

"Thanks, Susan. It was a pleasure meeting you and I do feel we accomplished a lot. Thanks for being so easy to talk to and for letting us be ouselves."

Team Member,
State Government Agency

"Conflict is a major portion of any manager's job; yet most of the time, people don't feel they can manage conflict well."

Center for Creative Leadership


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