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Good Conflict, Great Workplaces! (GCGW) is a development program created by Working Dynamics for leaders and teams to transform conflict in their workplaces. Developed initially to meet the challenges of the fast-paced and quality- and safety-driven health care environment, the program achieves the same results in any organization with high standards in quality and performance.

Great workplaces are inherently filled with leaders and employees who are aware of the good results possible from conflict and know how to make them happen. They are conflict competent. They understand the dynamics of conflict, are self-aware, and are able to self-correct and respond constructively in conflict situations when they occur. Conflict competent workplaces become freer, more open to new ideas, more supportive, more invigorating.

Good Conflict, Great Workplaces! is delivered in a two-day class format with learning groups and leader coaching available to reinforce change.

Key components of the GCGW program include:

  • Understanding of conflict dynamics in the workplace,
  • Increased self-awareness of hot buttons and emotional responses to conflict,
  • Communication strategies for conflict management and collaboration, and
  • Action planning for increased effectiveness and ability to engage in conflict for successful outcomes.

Participants learn through:

  • Self-awareness resulting from Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP-I)® self-assessment and feedback
  • Real world activities and learning tools
  • An interactive, engaging learning environment
  • Take-away resources (35-page class binder, 40-page CDP-I® Development Guide, and printed feedback resources)
  • Supporting class goals and the 40-page CDP-I Development Guide
  • Commitment to change reinforced through action planning
  • Practice

Post-class support and development:

  • Follow-on coaching for leaders
  • Scheduled follow-up/mini sessions for employees
  • Learning communities for on-going support for leaders

You can increase creativity, initiative, and effective problem solving in your organization through constructive conflict.

To discuss Good Conflict, Great Workplaces!, contact Susan Gunn at 804-353-9527 or email


Participant comments:

"“I have been to a lot of trainings and this was 100% in all areas. Thank you, and thank (my employer) for doing this first class! (It makes me feel valued as an employee).”

“This class should be mandatory for senior leadership. It has helped me learn how to deal with future conflict situations. My only regret is that I have not had these tools before now. Much of the conflict I have encountered has resulted in the loss of many relationships and time.”

“I think every hospital employee should be required to take this course. It would help with a lot of conflict on the job.”

“There were plenty of day-to-day real life examples to explain each learning situation.”

“The presenter’s demeanor was very supportive; she asked thought-provoking questions and really knew her material.”

“I started using what I learned in the first week right away.”

“Best class I have ever taken.”

“Thank you for doing what you do. You have changed my life! Although you may never hear how much this class truly impacts peoples’ lives, for me it was much needed. I am beginning to take charge of ways to better myself and apply what you taught.”


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