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Working Dynamics delivers results through a range of coaching and consulting services:
  • Leader Development
    Working Dynamics works one-on-one and in groups to show leaders how to lead their teams more effectively and handle conflict constructively for immediate and future career success. Conflict is inevitable when people work together, and managers report that it is one of the most difficult challenges they face. Recent research indicates that there's a strong link between a person's ability to resolve conflict effectively and his or her perceived effectiveness as a leader.
  • Team Development
    Working Dynamics offers services for teams as well as entire organizations to learn how they can work together better in order to reach individual and organizational goals. Our goal is to give a current view of employee perspectives, levels of collaboration, and barriers to success along with strategies and skills to increase productivity and success.

Working Dynamics helps individuals and organizations reach their goals while using conflict in its most productive forms. Organizational research finds that conflict, while inevitable, can be either the basis of better creativity and decision-making or the cause of poorer morale and productivity. Our goal is greater understanding for effective problem resolution, greater conflict competence for leaders, improved team functioning, and development of appropriate systems within the organization to recognize and prepare for the inevitability of conflict.


What We Do:


What We Do: Coaching for Leaders | Conflict Dynamics Assessment | Good Conflict, Great Workplaces! | Team Coaching
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