Working Dynamics | Tips & Tools             Four Reasons Conflict Confounds Some Managers Some managers continually struggle with difficult employees, low morale, tension between teams, and other costly byproducts of conflict. Quite often they are holding onto thinking or ways of acting that are making their situations harder to handle than need be. Four reasons some managers remain at the mercy of conflict: They perceive conflict as one-dimensional and, therefore, only see the downside, which prevents engaging in conflict fully to receive its benefits. Most don't know their personal reactions to conflict and how those reactions determine the path conflict will take. Others erroneously believe that emotions need to be kept out of communications in the workplace. Too many hold the notion that their habits and responses developed over time can't be changed. Managers who use conflict wisely know a different reality and lead with more self-control and greater effectiveness as a result. The reality is conflict has a very rich side to it, which enables leaders to take their teams to new heights in creativity and decision-making. Knowledge of our personal reactions to conflict is not only important, but the first step to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of conflict. Emotions are often the core cause of much conflict and are also the key that untangles conflict. Without emotions in workplace communication, direct and open communication would suffer. Finally, yes, all "old dogs" can indeed learn new tricks! We can't change our personalities, but most definitely we can change our conflict behaviors, and we should. Return to Tips & Tools             Working Dynamics™ 3502 Seminary Ave. Richmond VA 23227 Phone (804) 353-9527 All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2014.