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How Well is Your Management Style Working?
You Won’t Know Until You Ask!

Evaluations usually go one way — boss to employee. If you are the boss, consider offering a complementary opportunity. Ask your employee for feedback on your performance as a boss. Yes, it's scary. What if you hear something you don't like? It is likely you will, but there is much to be gained by asking. A result may be that you are viewed as a better boss just because you asked. With new information on how your management style works with this employee, you can choose how you want to enhance your professional development plan and find new ways to build a better relationship with this person.

How do you make this work?

  • Use your one-on-one meetings to ASK FOR FEEDBACK.
  • BE SINCERE. Make it as clear as you can that you will not hold what is said against the employee.
  • PAY ATTENTION. If you sense reluctance, it may be that the experience is new and more time is required for enough comfort to give sincere feedback. Reluctance may indicate a need for greater trust in your relationship. Either way, it is good information to have.
  • Remember to REMAIN OPEN and BE APPRECIATIVE. When you receive honest responses to your question,
       LISTEN to what you are being told
       ASK QUESTIONS to clarify
       SOLICIT SUGGESTIONS for improvement
       SAY "THANK YOU"
  • Now, give yourself some time to PROCESS WHAT YOU’VE HEARD.
  • When you are ready, start to MAKE CHANGES you want to make and get back with the employee about your plans.
Whether you plan a lot of changes or just a few, letting the employee know that you value her/his input will make the reporting relationship stronger. Ultimately, this can be a relationship-building experience along with being a growth opportunity for you.
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