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Did you know?

  • 85% of respondents to a survey of managers reported conflict occurred on a regular and constant basis in their organization.
                  Center for Creative
                  Leadership (CCL)
  • The typical manager spends 25-40% of his/her time dealing with workplace conflicts. That's one to two days of every work week.
                  Washington Business
                  Journal, 2005
  • It is estimated that more than 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships between employees, not from deficits in employees' skill or motivation.
                  Organizational Conflict
                  Journal, 1984
  • Ernst & Young reports that the cost of losing and replacing an employee may be as high as 150% of the departing employee's annual salary.
  • Perspective taking — trying to understand the other person's point of view — is the most effective behavior in helping to resolve conflict.
                  Center for Conflict
                  Dynamics at Eckerd
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